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Roofing Gold Coast

Roof Extensions
A roof extension can increase the outdoor living space of your home and enhance the lifestyle your enjoy or maybe you need to expand the internal living space under your roof.

Our roof extension services have helped many families experience an increased lifestyle in their homes and also added value to their properties

The best tiles for roof extensions are terracotta or concrete roof tiles.

We can match the your existing roof tiles.

We take pride in delivering the best quality in both service and materials, with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can be sure you will get the best roof extension.

As a Gold Coast roofing and roof repair specialist, we provides new roof installations or extensions, roof tile repairs and roof restorations throughout the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas.

Tiled Roofing

No roofing material performs as well or looks as good as tiles. There have been many products that have come and gone after claiming to be worthwhile replacements for tiles. Even more attractive than its outward appearance is the fact that a tile roof gives an air of quality to a structure that can be very appealing to prospective buyers.

When combined with the range of styles and finishes tiles come in, a tile roof not only adds to the beauty of a structure, it can also add to its resale value.

Roof Repair

We provide roof repair services to commercial clients and domestic home owners and build the largest roof areas down to simple two metre by two metre gate house roofs.

Roof Restorations

Roof restorations can be a completely new roof with the replacement of all roof tiles for a more modern tile or the replacement of cracked and broken roof tiles with similar roof tiles.

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